Batch feed garbage disposals have the distinct advantage of not requiring a wall switch, meaning all you need to do is drop your waste in the disposal, and place the starter cap over the drain. I have done the research so you do not have to. Here are 5 batch feed garbage disposals that are the best value for your money.

Best 5 Batch Feed Garbage Disposals List

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InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control 3/4 HP

This model is the absolute quietest out of all the batch feed waste disposals I reviewed, making it one of the higher quality choices on this list. It is patented SoundSeal Technology makes it significantly quieter than other similar models on the market. Noisy garbage disposals detract significantly from your overall experience, and nobody enjoys hearing the harsh metallic grinding of a disposal when it is time to clean up in the kitchen.

Additionally, the batch feed garbage disposal dual grind process tears through just about every kind of food waste imaginable. The high-quality stainless steel grind chamber and grinder components also speak to the quality of build and elegant design. Anytime you are buying a product with moving parts, those parts need to be of the absolute highest quality if you are to get the most value for your hard-earned money. This one definitely does not cut corners when it comes to high-quality parts.

To top that off, the ¾ horsepower motor means that this disposal is not going to burn out even after extensive hours of use. Best of all, the Magnetic CoverStart activation makes manual activation a cinch with no wall switch needed. Add to that an attractive chrome stopper plug, and the InsinkErator looks, sounds, and functions as a champion. I would highly recommend this model for anyone who has the budget to spend the money on a garbage disposal unit that will be low maintenance and function reliably for years to come.

Waste King Legend Series 8000TC 1 HP

A true powerhouse of the Waste King line, the L-8000TC is a solid performing batch feed kitchen disposer that can stand up to even the toughest waste disposal jobs. Waste King is well known for its rust-free guarantee, and all its parts are industrial quality stainless steel. Grinding blades, the chamber, and the outer casing are super tough and well designed to function for years without any additional maintenance.

Furthermore, the 1 horsepower motor keeps the mechanism running at an impressive 2800 RPM, meaning that it has all the necessary power to go through any kitchen waste you can throw at it. The best thing about this model over the InsinkErator is that it includes a power cord, mounting equipment, and connections for use in combination with a dishwasher drain plug. It is also rated for use with regular size septic tanks, making it environmentally friendly. It does require a wall switch to operate, but this just makes it easier to install when replacing an existing garbage disposal.

As if these fantastic features were not enough, it also carries the industry longest-running warranty: if you are disposer rusts, corrodes, or breaks due to corrosion in the first ten years you own it, Waste King will come to your house and install a replacement for free. No gimmicks, no tricks, no fine print: if it rusts, they will replace it. It may be somewhat noisier than other similar models, but for the power and performance you get at this price, it is well worth the minor annoyance. I would say if you want the most power at the lowest cost, the L-8000TC is the best choice for you.

Waste King L-5000TC 3/4 HP

Stepping down a notch from their higher-end powerhouse models, this quieter ¾ horsepower disposer provides exceptional value for its price point. At 2,700 RPM, this little disposer can cut through most kitchen waste without pausing or struggling, and the batch feed design means you can load it up and hit the switch to clean up all your food waste after meals quickly and easily.

Like other Waste King products, this model features industrial quality grinders and grinding components that are guaranteed for life not to rust or corrode, The permanent magnet motor cranks out 3/4 horsepower at a significantly lower noise level than most other models in the Waste Kin lineup, and its reliability even after hours of use is well recognized throughout the industry.

The L-5000TC also features easy-mount hardware and support for dishwasher drain connections, making it an exceptional value for quick and easy self-installation and keeping your dishwasher running and draining efficiently. Best of all, it is also covered by Waste King 10-year guarantee that will replace your L-5000TC if it breaks or leaks, in addition to their lifetime rust-free guarantee. I would recommend this model if you do not feel the need for the extra horsepower of the L-8000TC, but you still want a high-quality disposer that carries the superior warranty and quality of build that has made Waste King a household name.

Waste King 9900TC 3/4 HP

The flagship model of Waste King batch feed operation line, the 9900TC is a combination of industrial-grade construction and luxurious features. With a super-quiet ¾ horsepower motor, this disposer cranks out 2700 RPM with its stainless steel grinders, meaning that there is no food waste that is a match for this powerhouse. All of the components from the grinding blades to the batch hopper itself are high quality, rustproof stainless steel that is built to last for decades of reliable use.

As a batch feed disposer, this model needs no wall switch to operate, instead of relying on a magnetic plug cap to trigger the grinding process safely while still allowing water flow through to drain out whatever remains. As with all Waste King disposers, this model also features the unbeatable 10-year guarantee for a free in-home replacement if your disposer breaks down or leaks.

All Waste King disposers are also guaranteed for life to never rust, so you are guaranteed the peace of mind that comes with investing in a high-quality appliance. This is the model to choose if the InsinkErator is outside your price range, but you can afford to spend a bit more for a high-quality product that is guaranteed to give you years of exceptional service.

KitchenAid KBDS100T 1 hp

KitchenAid brand means quality, reliability, and longevity for every appliance they manufacture. This is the luxury sports car model out of all five batch feed garbage disposers on this list. Built for commercial use and marketed to home users, this mixer is an absolute beast when it comes to disposing of food waste in your home. With a 1 horsepower motor and high-end industrial-quality grinders, there is nothing in your kitchen that this disposer cannot obliterate into a fine paste.

In addition to being powerful, this model sports a three-stage grinding process where most models only two stages. Even with the extra grinding power, the KBD-S100T is also exceptionally quiet. The premium sound reduction technology makes this model the quietest 1 HP disposer on the market. This model is also switchless, instead sporting a magnetic plug activation using the included disposer plug that also allows for free-flowing water to wash away the reduced mass left over from each batch of ground food waste.

While it does not sport the same long-running warranty as Waste King batch feed garbage disposer, KitchenAid is known to stand by all of their products in terms of quality and repair of defective appliances. In my opinion, if this works with your budget, this is the cream of the crop out of all five disposers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Batch Feed Garbage Disposal?

As the name would suggest, the batch feed disposal is meant to grind through small batches, one at a time. The way it works is you put the material into the disposal, cover it with the provided stopper, and then turn it on. Unlike continuous feed, you can only turn the unit on when the cover is sealed.

What are the different types of garbage disposals?

There are two types of garbage disposals: Batch feed and Continuous feed.

What are the benefits of a batch feed garbage disposal?

1. Perfect for households with small amounts of waste to process.
2. Cover eliminates the possibility of “foreign” objects falling in the unit
3. Since the disposal only works with the cover on, it can be much safer than the continuous feed

How does a batch feed garbage disposal work?

Place food waste into the disposer and turn on the cold water, then place the cover into the sink opening and rotate the cover until the magnets aligned. The disposer turns on slots cover. Allow water to flow through it and into the disposer while it’s running. When the grind is complete, simply turn the cover again to turn off the disposer.
how does batch feed disposal works

What are the downsides to batch feed disposals?

1. Take a little more time if you have a lot of waste.
2. Not as many options to choose from when purchasing.
3. It can be more expensive than other models.

Batch Feed Disposal Operation Video

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Final Verdict

In my opinion, the InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution ¾ HP Household batch feed garbage disposer is the absolute best buy out of all five of these batch feed garbage disposers. It is the quietest model with sufficient power to deal with the food waste my household generates, and it has that phenomenal 40 oz. batch capacity. Silent or near-silent operation is a big deal in my household, especially if one of the adults is up late washing up pots and pans or cleaning up overripe leftovers in the fridge.

I also prefer the batch disposer cover of this model even to the elegant design of the KitchenAid mixer because of the more efficient water flow control. That and the chrome plating on the plug means that this is guaranteed not to rust even after years of use. If you want the best value for your dollar, the InSinkErator is hands-down the best value on the market. When you are choosing your next garbage disposer for upgrade or replacement, get an InSinkErator. You will be very happy you did.

The 5 Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposals - 2020 - Review and Guide
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The 5 Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposals - 2020 - Review and Guide
The batch feed disposal is meant to grind through small batches, one at a time. I have compiled a list of the best batch feed garbage disposals. Easy to follow.
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