Looking for Best Garbage Disposal for your kitchen? Check out our ratings and reviews. We reviewed and listed 10 top-selling waste disposers in the USA.

If you want to check the best garbage disposal reviews in a short time please click on the specific section from the context menu on the right side. We believe the time is priceless. If you love to cook, you know how difficult clean up can get. Thankfully, the advent of garbage disposal has made the cleanup process simple for the past few decades.

A research conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, American University of Beirut, Lebanon found that food waste disposer can reduce the solid waste by 12% to 43% and that can be decreased sewerage blocking drastically for the small-town areas.

Throughout the years, garbage disposal has become faster, more powerful, and much quieter than their older counterparts. An investment in a quality garbage disposal will keep kitchen duties quick and painless. To help you guarantee that you invest in the disposal unit for your kitchen, we have put together this useful guide dedicated to teaching you about the top garbage disposal available on the market today. Do not miss our honest and handful of garbage disposal reviews.

Best kitchen waste disposal

List of 10 Best Garbage Disposals

Product Warranty HP Rating Family Price
InSinkErator Evolution Compact 8-Year 0.75 4.8 3-4 Adults Check Price
Waste King L-8000 20-Year 1 4.5 3-4 Adults Check Price
InSinkErator Badger 5 2-Year 0.5 4.6 1-2 Adults Check Price
Waste King L-2600 5-Year 0.5 4.4 1-2 Adults Check Price
InSinkErator Evolution Excel 7-Year 1 4.7 4-5 Adults Check Price
Waste King A1SPC Lifetime 1 4.1 3-4 Adults Check Price
Waste King L-1001 2-Year 0.5 4.5 1-2 Adults Check Price
InSinkErator Badger 1 1-Year 0.33 4.5 1-2 Adults Check Price
KitchenAid KCDS075T 5-Year 0.75 4.7 3-4 Adults Check Price
Waste King L-5000TC 10-Year 0.75 4.0 3-4 Adults Check Price

InSinkErator Evolution Compact – Best Performance and Durable Garbage Disposal

Bringing a compact twist to the InSinkErator brand, this model is comparable to power and quality to the KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, but for half the price. For just around $200 you get access to many of the staples of the brand, including the SoundSeal and MultiGrind technology.

8 Years Warranty , 0.75 Horsepower, Quiet, Currently Best-Selling

While the motor may only rock ¾ HP, the Dura-Drive Induction Motor makes it run faster than any other ¾ HP model on the market. However, you will need to purchase a power cord alongside the product, or else you will be unable to install it. Speaking of installation, the process is simple, and easy to understand, even for users who have never dealt with garbage disposals. Finally, the product comes with a 4-year limited in-home warranty to ensure you never have to be held back by damaged garbage disposal.


  • Compact
  • Easy to Install
  • Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • SoundSeal Technology


  • Large Price Tag

Waste King L-8000 – Best Warranty-Friendly Garbage Disposal

One of the strongest models on the best food waste disposer list, the L-8000 garbage disposal can reach up to 2800 RPMs. Its stainless steel construction reduces potential jamming, thanks to its easy to clean splash guard and swivel impellers.

20 Years Warranty , 1 Horsepower, Budget-Friendly

This disposal comes with a lifetime warranty, and its components are completely rust-free, making it a durable choice. Most importantly, other useful cleaning features such as the drain elbow and gasket also help to keep the model maintained, even after heavy usage.

Similar to other Waste King models, the L-8000 is extremely compact. At just 9 inches wide and 14.25 inches tall, you can easily install this quality product into any sized kitchen sink. In addition, the manufacturer includes a 36-inch power cord in the box, so you can install the product as soon as you get it home.


  • High RPM Rate
  • Compact
  • Durable and Easy to Install
  • Competitive Price


  • May not be as quiet as intended

InSinkErator Badger 5 – Best 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer

InSinkErator Badger 5 features

The Badger 5 is a simple, no-frills best garbage disposal. It is constructed with galvanized steel parts (they will not rust). The ½ horsepower motor provides more than enough power to liquefy almost any kitchen waste. The Badger 5 is a continuous-feed type of disposal. Simply put, turn on the water in the kitchen sink. Then push your fruit peels, coffee grounds, spoiled vegetables, even small chicken bones down the disposal. The disposal grinds (liquefies) the waste and the water carries it down the drain, into the sewer.

Great Performance , 1/2 Horsepower, For Small Family

Ease of installation

Installing the new Badger 5 is a snap. The “Quick-Lock sink mount” feature allows for an easy installation. Rubber flanges prevent water leakage from the sink, and at the bottom of the unit. Power cords and a connection kit are available if needed. With a quick removal of the power cord, you then snap the power cord into the new unit. You are finished with a quick and easy installation.

Pricing and customer service

Prices for the InSinkErator Badger 5 range from $80 to $100. Most home improvement stores carry the Badger 5 in stock, for a price right at $80. If you are in need of the power cord and installation kit, add about $20 to the cost. Installation, if needed, can be done by a handyman, with a cost of $125 at most (if you need to run an electrical line from the wall switch to disposal).


  • Ease of installation, especially when replacing an older InSinkErator unit
  • The Badger 5 can be hooked up to receive dishwasher wastewater
  • It can be used for either sewer or septic systems
  • Local, certified professional, in-home warranty service (for 2 years)


  • Only average quietness when in operation
  • Grinding chambers have a tendency to crack

Waste King L-2600 – Great Binuclear Family Kitchen Sink Disposal


This best garbage disposal is a ½ horsepower model, featuring the 2600 rpm “Vortex” motor which forced us to include on the best kitchen sink disposer list. The motor runs very quietly, even when working on a tough grinding chore. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal and works with sewer or septic tank lines. The grinding components are stainless steel and are insulated to ensure a quiet grind. Like other Waste King products, the grinding chamber is constructed with glass-filled nylon.

Installation Friendly , 1/2 Horsepower, For 2/3 Members Home


The L-2600 comes packaged with all the parts you will need for an easy installation. The EZ mounting system is simple and requires only basic plumbing skills for a complete install. The instructions are very easy to understand. Included in the packaging is a 36-inch long power cord if you do not want to try wiring the unit to a wall switch.

If you are more inclined to have the L-2600 installed for you, normal installation can be done by a handyman for about $125.

Pricing and warranty

The L-2600 is competitively priced when compared with other garbage disposals in its class. Prices range between $80 and $95. The warranty is a five-year, in-home warranty which covers the material and mechanical defects. In addition, a lifetime anti-corrosion warranty is included.


  • High speed 2600 rpm motor
  • Lightweight (9.8 lbs)
  • Takes up very little undersink area


  • Rubber seal at drain not very flexible and makes for difficulties when trying to push waste into disposal
  • Can be noisy to operate
  • Difficult to install on a granite composite sink

InSinkErator Evolution Excel – Best Quieter Garbage Disposal

Running at a full 1 HP, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel runs smoothly and quietly and we think it one of the best quiet garbage disposers. In fact, this great garbage disposal model is estimated to run a full 60% quieter than standard disposals. Using a 3-stage grind system, the technology that runs the Evolution Excel model guarantees that even the most problematic food waste is disposed of properly. Bones, celery, and other foods are easily disposed of thanks to the revolutionary garbage disposal tech.

7 Years Warranty, Ultra-Quiet, For Extended Family, 1 Horsepower

At only 40 oz., this stainless steel product is lightweight and a breeze to install. Even if you have never installed garbage disposal before, the Evolution Excel is easy to figure out.

Thanks to the auto-reverse grind system, you can easily reverse any backup that happens. This saves you costly repair fees and helps the model to be extremely durable. Additionally, InSinkErator offers a full 7-year home-service warranty.


  • Powerful 1 HP Motor
  • Auto-Reverse Grind System
  • 7 Year Home-Service Warranty
  • Ultra-Quiet


  • More Expensive than Other Models

Waste King A1SPC Knight – Great Disposer for Easy Installation

Waste King A1SPC Knight features

The Knight ranks with the most powerful residential disposals available. A 1 horsepower motor that turns at 2700 rpm means that you can liquefy just about anything you can fit into the drain hole. This one features “One Pass” technology, made possible by the size and speed of the motor. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal and works with conventional sewer lines or septic tanks.

The casing of the unit is made of high-quality steel and the grinding components with stainless steel. The grinding chamber is constructed with glass-filled nylon (the same material used to soundproof recording studios) to ensure almost silent operation.

Lifetime Warranty, 1 Horsepower, Budget Disposal for Extended Family


This disposal is an easy install. The mounting system is compatible with the 3-bolt mounting systems used by other manufacturers. That means, if your old system was installed using a 3-bolt mounting system, all you will have to do is remove the old unit, replace the rubber flanges (top and bottom), then, place your new unit, using Waste King Snap and Lock technology. A power cord is included and can be used in place of your old unit cord.

If you are an all-thumbs homeowner, the installation of the Waste King Knight will normally run about $125. That price includes wiring if you prefer to have the unit operate from a wall switch.

Pricing and warranty

Expect a price of around $150 for a new Waste King Knight garbage disposal. Some sites show a slightly lower price, and some slightly higher. The warranty is a lifetime, in-home service warranty, that covers material or mechanical defects through the disposal’s original owner. Included is a lifetime corrosion warranty.


  • Size and speed of motor offers one pass grinding
  • Works with sewer line or septic tank
  • Lifetime, material and defect, in-home repair warranty


  • Drain flange is prone to discoloration
  • Unit size is larger than most and takes up more undersink space

Waste King L-1001 – Top Low-Budget Kitchen Disposer

This model runs at blisteringly fast speeds of 2600 R.P.M, making this ½ HP model one of the best garbage disposal models available for the price range. The L-1001 is made to save space, and its compact design is perhaps the key feature of this affordable model. If you have a small-sized kitchen sink, this is one of the best models on the market.

Around $50, 1/2 HP, Good for New Couple

With a removable splash guard, maintaining this Waste King model becomes simple. Additionally, the 2-year in-home warranty keeps you safe for your modest investment. For the price range, Waste King provides some of the longest warranties in the industry.

The L-1001 is made from very few parts, making it operate very quietly. This happens primarily due to the lack of vibration it achieves from being made of just a few parts. Once again, this feature makes upkeep and maintenance simple!


  • Easy to Repair
  • Quiet Design


  • Compact Model May Not FIt Some Sinks

InSinkErator Badger 1 – Best Low-HP Under Sink Disposer

Looking for a reliable and functional choice for your garbage disposal? If so, the InSinkErator Badger 1 functions extremely well for the price. Although it runs off a mere â…“ HP, the Dura-Drive Induction Motor technology unlocks extra power that regular motors cannot match.

Oldest Model, 1/3 Horsepower, Made in the USA

Made from pure galvanized steel, the Badger 1 is practically rust proof. This combined with the easy maintenance capabilities makes it simple to keep your garbage disposal functioning through any minor incident. In the case something major comes up, you can rely on the InSinkErator brand to help, thanks to the 1-year in-home service warranty.

For the patriots out there, you will be happy to support the InSinkErator brand, as every product is made 100% in the USA. Additionally, the Quick Lock Sink Mount makes the installation and removal process as easy as pie. However, you will have to find a compatible power cord, as it does not come packaged along with the InSinkErator Badger 1.


  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Dura-Drive Induction Motor


  • Shorter Warranty than Other Models

KitchenAid KCDS075T – High Price-Tag Garburator

While most of the other items on this list are simple models for under $100, the KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is a step up into luxury territory. With a price tag of around $300, you want to be sure that your investment is worth it. I am here to tell you, that this may just be the best over-priced garbage disposal model on the market right now.

3/4 Horsepower, Quieter, Continuous Feed

With a ¾ HP motor, which runs at 1725 RPMs, it may seem slightly underpowered at first. However, the two-stage grinding process and fully sound-insulated construction enhance the performance of the disposal process to a whole new level. The patented SoundSeal technology used in the KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal makes it up to 40% quieter than most comparable models. Finally, the continuous feed allows you to constantly grind up meals, which helps you to avoid the frustrating backup.



  • High Price Tag

Waste King L-5000TC – Great Garbage Disposal with Installation Support

Alongside the high-end KitchenAid and InSinkErator model, this model represents the luxury side of garbage disposal. With the ability to run up to 2700 RPMs, and a powerful ¾ HP motor, you will not experience any issues with a performance from this awesome model.

3/4 Horsepower, 10 Years Warranty, Installation Support

With some of the longest warranties in the industry, the Waste King brand is known for holding up under stress. The permanent magnet motor type helps it stand out from lower-end models and keeps the RPM rate consistent and powerful. Additionally, the stopper provides 3 different positions, helping to avoid any issues with backup.

The batch feed operation feature makes it so that you will not require a wall switch for installation. Additionally, the power cord comes packaged with the product, saving you time and money. Finally, the product comes with a 10-year in-home service warranty, so if you need assistance installing your new L-5000TC model, you are completely covered.


  • High RPM Rate
  • 10-year In Home Service Warranty
  • Power Cord Included


  • Outperformed by Some Similarly Priced Models

Things to Consider to Buy a Garbage Disposal Unit


Depending on the amount of food you eat during a normal meal, the size of your sink, and the type of food you eat, you will need a model with a certain amount of power behind it. Horsepower helps to define the potential of a motor, but it does not completely determine whether or not it will work better than another model. Generally speaking, a ½ HP motor will do the job in most kitchens. However, if you have either a particularly large sink or deal with lots of bone matter in your cooking, you may need a ¾ HP or 1 HP motor to do the job. Otherwise, you risk having issues with the longevity of your garbage disposal.

Common HP of Garbage Disposal Motors:
¼ HP
â…“ HP
½ HP
¾ HP
1 HP


More than any other aspect, the best garbage disposal models are separated by the unique technologies they implement in their design. From tech that keeps your device from jamming to tech that ensures your system runs quietly, each feature is important to consider before making a final investment. Different models will focus on different benefits, and the differences between compact and large-sized disposal will differ the most.

Common Tech Features:
Drain Tech
Sound Proof Tech
Anti-Jamming Tech
Backup Reversal Tech


Many users may become intimidated by the prospect of installing a garbage disposal in their homes by themselves. While it may be easy in reality to install a garbage disposal, there are many potential installation features to consider before making an investment. From whether or not a power cord is included, to how many parts are involved, each aspect will require a different approach to installation.

Many brands offer in-home services and warranties. If you doubt your ability to install a garbage disposal yourself, you should ensure you choose a company that offers this valuable perk.

  • Turn off power
  • Disconnect pipe from disposal unit
  • If your machine is screw mounted, you can remove any attached screws and then twist the whole unit off.
  • If your disposal is not screw mounted, just remove any holding screws and pull it out from the sink.
  • Put the new unit in its place and mount, either by a screw system or mounting screws
  • Re-attach pipe to the new unit
  • Plug in the new unit
  • Turn power back on

Additional Considerations:
Sink Size
Warranty Type
Brand Name
Price Tag

How Do Garbage Disposals Work?

Even though these machines are in most households, many people have no idea how they work. Fortunately, the system is very simple, meaning that it requires little to no maintenance and is not hard to operate. The basic mechanics of a garbage disposal are that a motor spins an impeller, which grinds up food particles and materials to send it in to your drain pipe. You have to run water while the motor is working, to help keep everything lubricated and help the impellers work more efficiently.

Other than the impeller, the motor, and the drainage pipe, there is not much else involved in a garbage disposal. The only downside to this machine is that if something does break, like the motor, you usually have to replace the whole unit, since it will actually be cheaper that way.

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two main types of disposals you can have:

● Continuous Feed: this is the most popular model, and chances are it is what you have in your sink right now. These disposals can process food continuously without stopping. However, they can be a safety hazard if hard materials (like silverware) drop into the unit while it is running.

● Batch Feed: if you only process a little food at a time, a batch feed unit may be for you. To operate this model, you have to fill the disposal, close the lid, and then turn it on. This model is a bit safer, but not recommended for large amounts of food waste.


Top 10 Food Waste Disposers
best garbage disposal infographics

Final Verdict

Making an investment in the best garbage disposal unit ultimately depends on your individual needs, sink type, and the type of foods you cook with. If you have a smaller sink, getting an affordable compact model is the best way to go. The InSinkErator Evolution Compact model is by far the best compact model on the market. Easy to install, and with a Dura-Drive motor, this is the strongest compact model you will find.

For users who want the best luxury garbage disposal model, the WasteKing L-5000TC is our top choice. With an insanely awesome warranty of 10 years, and a quiet design, you can get all the power and durability you will ever need out of the best garbage disposal.

10 Best Garbage Disposals in 2020 - Reviews, Comparison, Buying Guide
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