Rated #3 on the list of top garbage disposals, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP garbage disposal is easy to use, clean, and maintain. It is also one of the quietest disposals on the market. But let us expand on a few of these ideas.

Have you ever considered installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink? It seems most people have them but not everyone uses them. Usually, people will refrain from using their disposal because garbage disposals are too noisy, or it seems too difficult to install one. Or maybe you are concerned that disposal will be too difficult to maintain.

InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP Features, Pros, Cons, Compare


  • With the Septic Assist added to your InSinkErator, extra bacteria cultures are injected into your waste, further breaking it down, making your garbage disposal septic safe.
  • The two-step grinder which works extra hard to ensure your food is completely pulverized.
  • Noise insulated motor, making for quiet operation.
  • 4 Year in-home warranty covering parts and repairs; InSinkErator will send a technician to you when you need repairs.
  • Made in America.


The InSinkErator has built-in sound seal technology that quiets the whirring of gears and grinding of food. It also has built-in vibration dampeners that reduce the rattle of the pipes. Said one reviewer on the InSinkErator Amazon product page, “With the old disposal, you could not watch TV or have a conversation at that end of the house when it ran. Now, you can stand at the sink and whisper while it runs. There are a low hum and a very mild vibration.

Septic Safe

If you purchase the InSinkErator Evolution with Septic assist, it will take care of some septic concerns you may have. Most people would say it would be foolish to have garbage disposal because not all garbage disposals are created equal.

Some disposals are incapable of breaking down food as much as you might need if you have a septic tank. In the case of the InSinkErator with Septic Assist, however, it comes with Bio-Charge Injection Technology. This technology involves a natural bacteria that is injected into your food by-products as they are being ground up. This bacteria helps to further break down that food waste, making it safe for your septic system and helping to reduce buildup in your septic tank.

Easy to Install

The whole line of InSinkErator garbage disposals is designed to be interchangeable. The disposal has a Quick-Lock sink mount that is quick and easy to twist off the old and twist in the new. The entire system is small and compact in design, good for smaller kitchens. The whole package weighs only about 20 pounds and comes with a full instruction manual that makes installation a breeze.

Long Term Warranty

The InSinkErator comes with a 4-year in-home warranty. If anything happens during your first four years, the company will send you all the necessary replacement parts with a representative who will help you fix any issues. The InSinkErator company has 1,500 professionals ready to assist you with any issues. So no need to worry about calling a plumber, or you or your spouse ending up covered in gunk trying to fix your disposal. The company will fix it for you!


  • The InSinkErator is extremely easy to install. Most reviews on the product’s page list the trouble with installation coming from removing the old unit which came with the kitchen.
  • This garbage disposal is extremely quiet. It is possible to hold a conversation at a normal level in the same room while the disposal is on.
  • A two-stage grinding process reduces garbage to the smallest possible sizes before it goes through the rest of your pipes.


  • Out of dozens of other reviews, the biggest negative was that the power cord is sold separately.

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InSinkErator evolution compact 3/4 hp installation

InSinkErator 3/4 hp continuous feed manual

Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Are garbage disposals good for the environment?

Yes! Garbage disposals help to break down excess organic waste (leftover food) from your home. This actually reduces the amount of trash sent out to landfills.

Is it possible to use this product outside of the United States?

No. The InSinkErator products are made and designed solely for use in America. There is no guarantee that the product will work if you purchase it and take it to another country.

Is this product really worth the price?

On Amazon, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact has 4.7 out of 5 stars, garnering over 3,800 reviews.
From BestReviews.com, the InSinkErator has been rated as ‘the best of the best.’
On HomeDepot.com, with over 1,400 reviews, this product has 4.7 out of 5 stars as well, with 97% of customers recommending this disposal.

Final Verdict

Get this disposal! After researching and reviewing many different sites, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact seems to come out on top time after time. This unit is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, quiet,  and easy to install and use. Other customer reviews of this product cite great customer service from the company as well. While it may cost a little bit more than other disposals out there, it is well worth the cost. 

The product also comes with a great 4-year warranty. That warranty covers parts and labor for repairs. Overall, this is stellar, top-of-the-line disposal. If you are searching for a new disposal, do yourself a favor and get an InSinkErator.

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