Are you are looking for a multi-functional steam cleaner that you can use on different types of floors? I have a piece of good news for you. The Comforday Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop is one of the most popular products on the market at this time.

You can use this device in different types of cleaning areas such as hard floors, windows, carpet cleaner, steam cleaner and so on. This device is really helpful for multi-tasking. There are many attractive features are included in the device to make the machine comfortable for everyone.

Stay Away from Germs and Bacteria

Germs and bacteria are a big threat for a human being but if you use this steam mop at your home to clean your surface it will kill all types of harmful viruses and bacteria from the floor properly.

The Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop can kill the 99.9% harmful germ and bacteria. You do not have to worry about the chemical because to kill the germs this machine does not use any type of harsh chemical. As a result, you will able to create naturally healthy surroundings in your home.

In addition, following the so-called method to clean your house is time-consuming, if you use this mop it will save your time as well as cleans the surface in an effective way. The Light N Easy steam mops produce powerful steam that can remove odors completely.

The Comforday 5-in -1 steam mop is a user-friendly device. You do not have to encounter any problem at the time of cleaning. Anyone can use the machine.

I have received many requests from our customers to provide an overview of the Light N Easy 5-in -1 steam mop. It is one of the most popular steam mops on the market today. Let us talk about some of the coolest features of the device. Hopefully, you will like it.

Features, Pros, and Cons of the Comforday 5-in-1 steam mop

If I have to say something about the Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop features. I would say, it is incredible because there are many effective and helpful features are attached to the device that really makes the device much comfortable for everyone. There are many reasons to list this device in the best steam mop list.

Comforday Light N Easy 5-in -1 7688ANB

Sunny Juwel

For deep cleaning
For hardwood floors
Easy to use

Review Summary

The Comforday 5-in -1 steam Formerly Light N Easy is an easy to use a durable steam mop. It can clean any type of surface. Though, many consumers complained about its efficiency on hardwood floors.
In my opinion, it is a budget-friendly steam mop and easy to use. Chinese made but there are many complaints that have been recorded that customer service is not good enough as they handle from Hongkong. So, it is your decision whether you buy it or not.


Comforday has some decades of experience that is why they know it well what their customer needs. Now it is time to highlight some of the main features of the device.

Quick-steam: time is one of the biggest factors in this modern era, maybe you do not want to spend a long time only for cleaning. The Light N Easy 5-in -1 steam mop needs only 30 seconds to prepare the steam. Which is really fantastic.

As a result, you do not have to wait for a long time to prepare the steam, this quick steaming process will give your speed in your work.

Tank capacity: if you buy the Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop you will get a large capacity water tank that allows you to work for a long time. You do not have to refill the water tank frequently.

Adjustable steam level: the Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop has three adjustable settings that are an outstanding feature of the device. As a result, you can choose individual settings when you will work on different types of surfaces.

Light N Easy 5-in-1 is good for Multi-tasking and Germ Killing

The Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop is a multi-functional device. You can use the mop different types of cleaning such as a steam mop, carpet cleaner, etc.

This steam cleaner can remove the hard stain from the surface without any type of damaging it. The most interesting things are that it requires no detergent to clean.

Maybe some people are worried about the virus and bacteria but the good news is that it can eliminate up to 99.9 % of harmful germs and bacteria without any types of chemicals. Which is really remarkable.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable steam level
  • No harsh chemical
  • Germ killer


  • Some people claim that the handle of the device is weak
  • The power cord is not enough

Compare Other Models with the Same Cleaner

Light N Easy 5-in-1 Installation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Conforday steam mop have a built-in water filter?

No, It does not have.

Who makes this steam mop?

The only information that appears on the manual about the manufacturer is XIAO TIAN ( ZHONGSHAN ) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. MADE IN CHINA

Can I safely assume that “Carpet” would also be a fabric that this could tackle?

It would only be good to spot clean a carpet.

Final Verdict

If you want to do many tasks with a steam mop. Undoubtedly, the Comforday Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop will be the best match for you because it is one of the bestselling products on AMAZON and most of the current users of the steam mop gave positive reviews about the steam mop.

The Light N Easy 5-in-1 steam mop is a multi-tasking device. Hopefully, this incredible steam mop will live up to your expectations.

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