Premier 143053 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposer Review

Do you live in an older home?  Are you considering remodeling your kitchen to make it more modern?  If you are, one of the most affordable improvements you can make to your kitchen is to add a garbage disposal to your sink.  Disposals are affordable and easy enough to install that most people can do it themselves.  If you’re considering installing or replacing a garbage disposal in your home, you should definitely consider the Premier 143053 ⅓ Horsepower Food Waste Disposer.  It’s loaded with great features that make it a great value for your money.

Premier 143053 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposer Review

Here are some of its best features:

Mounting System

Premier 143053 1/3 HP Garbage disposal
Premier 143053 1/3 HP

When you purchase this disposal, rest assured that everything you’re going to need is included.  It comes with the popular Insinkerator Quick Lock mounting system to attach it to your sink.  This system uses an easy twist-lock design that reduces the need for tools and cuts install times down to mere minutes.  You don’t need to make any extra trips to the hardware store to install this disposal, because it’s all in the box.

Powerful Motor

When it comes to garbage disposals, more power is always better.  The Premier garbage disposal has a whopping ⅓ horsepower motor to easily chew through tough foods.  Whether you’re getting rid of soft foods or hard ones, this disposal will easily handle anything you throw at it.  It’s also important to note that even with this powerful motor, the disposal unit size is still nice and compact.  The Premier disposal delivers plenty of power so you won’t have any problems.


The Premier Waste Disposer is designed to virtually eliminate any jamming issues and to keep the noise level down.  The continuous feed operation makes sure that foods are pulverized bit by bit, not all at once which can easily jam other disposals.  It also has an ingenious anti-splash baffle at the opening, which keeps food inside the disposal, especially when it’s operating.  The baffle also helps to reduce the noise level of this disposal, so it’s nice and quiet when it’s doing its job.

Grind Chamber and Body

You may have noticed that most disposals are made from either steel or stainless steel parts, and their grind chambers and body are almost always made from these materials.  Metal bodies make for a tough disposal in the short term, but they’re doomed to fail.  All metals rust when exposed to moisture over time, so metal disposals aren’t the best.  The Premier uses a non-metallic grind chamber and body, so the possibility of rusting through just doesn’t exist.  If you want a garbage disposal that’s going to last you for a decade or more, this is a great choice.


  • Powerful ⅓ horsepower motor
  • Continuous feed design
  • Non-metallic chamber and body won’t ever rust
  • Baffle keeps splashing down and lowers noise levels
  • Easy to install Quick Lock mounting system
  • Compact overall size
  • Includes stopper, elbow, and hardware kit


  • No plug on the power cord, must be wired
  • Plumber’s putty not included
  • A bit loud for some customers


  • InSinkErator Quick Lock mounting system
  • Anti-splash baffle
  • Continuous feed design
  • Non-metallic grind chamber and body
  • Sealed ⅓ horsepower electric motor
  • Galvanized steel grinding parts
  • Compact design
  • Hardware kit, elbow, and sink stopper are included
  • One year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this disposal unit come with a dishwasher drain port to connect my dishwasher?

A: Yes, the Premier disposal has the correct port to hook up your dishwasher to it.

Q: What do I do if my garbage disposal happens to get jammed?  Is there a manual way to turn it?

A: Yes, you can manually clear any tough jams with this disposal.  There should be a hex head bolt on the bottom that allows you to spin the disposal manually in either direction.  Use a ¼” hex head wrench to easily turn and free up the jam.

Q: What brands of disposals will this one replace?

A: Most disposals feature the same dimensions as far as plumbing goes.  This disposal should replace any brand of disposal, as long as the existing plumbing doesn’t interfere with the body of the unit.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen or replace an old unit, the Premier ⅓ Horsepower Food Waste Disposer is definitely a nice choice for your home.  It has plenty of power to tackle the tough foods, plus the materials used to build the unit are impervious to rust.  Everything you need to install it yourself is included, with the exception of plumber’s putty.  Install times ran from about 30 minutes to an hour on average, and these were customers, not plumbers, so you know it’s very easy to do.  When you add up all the features and then consider the affordable price, the Premier 143053 ⅓ Horsepower Food Waste Disposer is clearly a best buy.

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Premier 143053 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal
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