Best 5 Garbage Disposer Units Under $100

When it comes to washing dishes, there is nothing greater than having a garbage disposal by your side. For many people, this technological wonder means that you can wash away with impunity, and not have to worry about cleaning your dishes before you wash them. However, for most consumers, the garbage disposal they have is not one that they have purchased themselves. For many households, the disposal that is in the sink is the one that came pre-installed. But what happens if it breaks? What if you want a disposer with more power? Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of the best garbage disposals that won’t break the bank, with each unit coming in at a hundred dollars or less. When it comes time to upgrade your kitchen, make sure that your garbage disposal can keep up.

Best Garbage Disposals under $100

Here is a list of some of the better models of garbage disposal on the market. And, as promised, each unit is priced at less than a hundred dollars, so you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg just to upgrade your system.

InSinkErator Badger 5

When it comes to high-quality kitchen sink brands, InSinkErator is definitely near the top. The company makes a top of the line garbage disposal that is as easy to install as it is to use. InSinkErator’s patented Quik-Lock system means that you can effortlessly remove the old disposal and replace with a new one in minutes. The Badger 5 boasts a one-half horsepower motor that can efficiently turn most food into pulp in seconds. The Badger also comes with the company’s proprietary grind technology, meaning that it can reduce most rough foods to liquid without jamming the rotors. Finally, what I love best about this disposal is the two-year warranty on parts and labor, so you don’t have to worry about the machine breaking down.


●     ½ horsepower motor provides excellent power

●     Proprietary grind technology reduces rough material to liquid in seconds

●     Quik-lock system for easy removal and installation

●     Two-year warranty on parts and labor


●     Does not come equipped with a power cord for some reason

●     In rare cases, the housing may crack and leak, although InSinkErator does replace under warranty

Waste King L-2600

Waste King is probably one of the more ubiquitous names in garbage disposers, and they certainly know how to build a quality machine that will not clean out your wallet. The first Waste King on our list is the L-2600. As the name would suggest, this disposal can rev up to 2600 rpm, making it super-efficient at grinding up food particles. Like the Badger, this unit boasts a one-half horsepower motor, but what I like about this machine is that the rotor and the impellers are insulated, resulting in a remarkably quiet operation. I’m used to disposals that sound like a beast, so it’s nice to get a device that instead produces a soft hum. Also, what I love about this product is the five-year service warranty. Waste King has always been one of my favorite brands, and their commitment to excellence shows with this warranty.


●     2600 rpm for fast, efficient breakdown of food

●     ½ horsepower motor provides more than enough energy

●     Insulated impeller system means quiet operation

●     Removable splash guard

●     Five-year service warranty covers most operational issues

●     Reset button on the front of the system for easy operation

●     Continuous feed system means you can toss food inside while it’s operating


●     In rare cases, the internal seals may crack and start leaking

●     Sometimes the impeller system can get jammed

Waste King Legend Series L-111

Next on our list of Waste King Disposers is the L-111, which is part of the company’s Legend Series. The L-111 is a solid disposal, although not quite as powerful as the L-2600. That being said, however, not everyone needs more power, and the L-111 does its job just fine. This unit has a one-third horsepower motor that produces up to 1900 rpm. Like the 2600, this model has heavy-duty stainless steel impellers, a continuous flow system so you can toss food in even while in operation, and a reset button on the front. Finally, the L-111 comes with a two-year in-home service warranty.


●     ⅓ horsepower motor

●     1900 rpm for fast, efficient grinding

●     Removable splash guard

●     Heavy-duty stainless steel impellers

●     Reset button on the front of the unit for easy operation

●     Continuous feed system

●     Two-year service warranty covers most operational issues


●     Not as powerful as other disposals

●     Under extended use, motor may burn out

●     In some cases, internal seals may crack, resulting in leaks

Waste King Legend Series L-1001

Finally, we come to the last unit on our list, the Waste King L-1001. When comparing this unit to the L-2600, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. However, the one thing I did notice was that the L-1001 doesn’t come with as long of a warranty (two years instead of five), and the impeller system isn’t completely insulated, so it is not as quiet as the 2600. That being said, however, the L-1001 does come with a lot of the same features, such as a one-half horsepower motor, 2600 rpm for a fast and efficient breakdown of foods, and a set of heavy-duty stainless steel impellers to grind almost anything you toss inside. The L-1001 is also a continuous feed system, like all Waste King products.


●     ½ horsepower motor

●     2600 rpm for quick and easy breakdown of food

●     Heavy-duty stainless steel impellers

●     Continuous flow system

●     Two-year service warranty covers most operational issues

●     Reset button on the front of the unit

●     Removable splash guard


●     E-Z mounting system may come loose with extended use, causing leaks

●     Most units are covered in corrosion resistant material, but sometimes this material wears off, leading to rust

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to upgrade your current garbage disposal, or are looking to replace a broken or faulty unit, anything made by Waste King will be a valuable investment, especially considering their extended warranties. Personally, I would go with the L-2600 because I love the quiet operation and five-year warranty, but really anything that Waste King makes is going to be a high-quality piece of machinery. Don’t get me wrong, I do love InSinkErator, but the fact that the Badger doesn’t come with a power cord or reset button is something I can do without.

Best 5 Garbage Disposer Units Under $100
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Best 5 Garbage Disposer Units Under $100
Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the best garbage disposals that will not break the bank, with each unit coming in at a $100 or under.
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