Washings are laborious work as well as it is time consuming that is why some people find work as boring work. If you feel the same and looking for an effective washing machine to wash your outfits in a proper way. The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer can be a pragmatic step to change your life.

These days the washing machine is one of the important home appliances, particularly if you are a busy person. An outstanding washer will change your life completely.  It will save you time as well as money.

Fisher & Paykel products are sold around 50 countries around the world. It is a global brand and it has great experience and reputation. They started their journey since 1934. They are very popular because they ensure the highest quality products for their customer.

Features, Pros, and Cons of the WashSmart WA3927G1 Washer

Top Features

The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer has a huge number of effective features that will make your work easy and convenient. Its coolest features will attract to fall in love with the device. Let me explain some of the top features of the washer.


If you are worried about the energy efficiency of the device you have nothing to worry about. It is an energy-efficient machine. It will play an important role to save electricity. As a result, you do not have to pay them too much electric bill.

Smart touch control

If you are looking for a gorgeous interface in a washing machine you will get it in the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer. It has six washing cycles such as regular, heavy, delicate, easy iron, allergy, and quick that you will be allowed to control the cycle from the smart touch control panel.

22Ib capacity

The big 22Ib capacity will help you a lot to save your precious time and money because you can wash your week laundry at a time. its huge capacity ensures you to wash bulky items such as comforters and blankets. This machine works efficiently in both small and large loads.

Eco-active wash

The most interesting thing about the washing machine is its eco-friendly wash. The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer has a unique pumping technology. That returns water and detergent through the clothes. This process is very effective to remove the stain from the clothes completely.


We cannot deny the fact that noise is annoying but the good thing is that at the time of washing clothes the Fisher Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer makes no noise. Which is really incredible. As a result, if you are looking for a silent washing machine. It will serve your purpose.

Clothes care

This washer machine has Fisher and Paykel flexible agitator that takes care of your clothes in a proper way.


  • Very fast speed spin
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet-operation
  • Heavy duty quality washer
  • Large capacity


  • Fabric softener issue

Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1

Sunny Juwel

User Friendly

Review Summary

If you want to make your life simple and easy as well as want to wash the clothes effectively in a short time. You just have to install the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer.
In addition, it is one of the most popular washers on the market because of its compact design and incredible performance. The most interesting thing is that it is an energy-efficient machine. You do not have to pay too much electricity bill. This eco-friendly device can achieve a better clean.
So if you want to buy a washer from a well-known company. Undoubtedly, this top load washer will be the best.


Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 Operation


Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this machine computerized? I do not want a like traditional washer machine

Yes, the control system is computerized. Touch controls as well as a knob.

Does this washer require any sort of special detergent? or can I just use tide or a Kirkland knock off?

No special detergent required!

Where should I contact if I face any problem?

Then contact the merchant you purchased it from or the manufacturer.

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The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 top load washer is a reliable product on the market at this time as well as this company has a long experience and a great reputation for its supreme quality washer.

We prefer to buy this washer because it is one of the bestselling products on Amazon.

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