What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

what size garbage disposal do I need

When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing is quite as important as your garbage disposal. Unless you like having to toss out all food before you wash your dishes, a disposal can make your cleaning experience much more efficient and convenient. Unfortunately, as these are complex machines with a lot of moving parts, they can […]

How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost?

how-much-does garbage disposal cost

Garbage disposals are wondrous kitchen tools.  Despite our best efforts to eliminate food waste, there always are a few orts leftover.  Putting the leftovers in the garbage can result in flies, stinky cans, or pets, making a mess while searching for the morsel. That’s where the garbage disposal comes in. Basically, the garbage disposal is […]

A Guide To Finding Trustworthy And Skilled Plumber

Finding a plumber garbage disposal

Who likes having to call in a plumber? Plumbing services cost a fortune, and more often than note the work costs more than was quoted. To make matters worse, the work’s never done on time. Additionally, plumbing services are kind of like car repair services in that most people really don’t know what the plumber […]

How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Unit Functioning Properly

You can find a garbage disposal unit in most kitchens these days. A garbage disposal unit can really help you with the clean-up involved with food preparation. A garbage disposal unit is usually connected to the underside of a sink drain in the kitchen. It has a chopping mechanism, similar to what you would find […]

5 Tips for Using and Maintaining your garbage disposal

When it comes to household appliances, most people think of the refrigerator or the microwave. However, one device that you probably have in your kitchen that you likely don’t pay enough attention to is your garbage disposal. Typically, unless there’s a problem, you don’t have any reason to check or maintain your disposal unit. Today […]

Garbage Disposal Motor Failures

Garbage disposal itself fails in a number of different ways1. If the main seal begins to leak, water will get down into the motor. The motor will get wet, short out and fail to start.The motor may hum or it may be completely quiet when power is applied. Feel the bottom of the disposer and […]

How Does a Garbage Disposal Works? With Video

Although garbage disposers differ from model to model they all operate on similar principles. In this video we will address how the disposer works as well as common problems you may encounter. Garbage disposers are designed to grind solid foods into small particles which can then be washed down the drain. To do this the […]

Fix a Clogged/Leaking/Not Working Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. The ability to toss food waste into the sink with impunity has enabled even the messiest of us to maintain a clean, grime free kitchen without having to resort to tossing scraps into the garbage. While this device can be a godsend, however, it is not […]

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal Naturally | Step by Step

One of the many needed skills in our lives that we do not ever expect to need to know is how to safely clean a garbage disposal. If let to accumulate, it can create a fetid environment for where your dishes should be cleaned, and can let off a dirty smell that can soon permeate […]

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