Are you looking for the best method to dispose of your kitchen food waste properly in a short time? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place. I am going to review the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal because it is one of the new garbage disposals at this time.

It is said by many that buying garbage disposal is the toughest work because there are many garbage disposal is available on the market. Finding the best garbage disposal according to the requirements is really hard work because it is almost the same with each other.

In other words, if you do not have much time to find the best garbage disposal then you have no worry because the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 is one of the best and powerful garbage disposal on the market (see today’s price). It will play a key role to keep clean your kitchen all the time without any effort.

Garbage disposal is one of the important home appliances for homeowners because without effective garbage disposal you cannot work efficiently and conveniently.  

BECBAS ELEMENT 5 Features, Pros and Cons, Manual, FAQs

When you are planning to buy garbage disposal then you should pick one which comes with many effective and helpful features to work more efficiently. Surprisingly, the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal comes with some effective and gorgeous features which are really helpful to get the highest performance from the disposal. Now I am going to highlight the top features of the disposal.

Top Features

Powerful magnet Motor

The disposal comes with a powerful and high-speed magnet DC motor. Its 3/4 HP motor can reach up to 2600 RPM instantly which is really impressive. If you want to work faster then it will be a great choice for you because it comes with the high-speed motor to work fast.

Plus, you may think that it comes with a powerful motor which means it consumes huge energy but in the case of the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 is not true because it consumes less energy. Otherwise, jamming and clogging are some of the biggest trouble for garbage disposal but it can alleviate the jamming and clog.

Continuous feed

I think it is one of the best features of the disposal, if you need to process a staggering amount of waste daily then surely it will be a perfect solution for you. The BECBAS ELEMENT 5 cuts the wastes into little pieces within a moment. It is engineered to dispose of a huge amount of waste which means if you have a medium or large size kitchen then it can be the best solution for you. You can continuously dispose of wastes without any break.

Stainless steel grinding materials

The materials which are used to construct the grinding materials are stainless steel to provide durability and efficient performance. It comes with a laser-sharp cutting ring which basically works to cut the food waste and kitchen waste into small pieces in a moment.

In addition, the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal provides equal performance in the case of grinding bones and nuts which are considered the toughest kitchen wastes. Most importantly, some garbage disposal vibrates when it is operated but in the case of the BECBAS ELEMENT 5, you will not feel any vibration.

Nylon grinding chamber

The grinding chamber of the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal is manufactured with the fiberglass reinforced nylon which is a durable material and there is no chance to leak water. However, most of the garbage disposal which is available on the market at this time comes with plastic materials or metal. To prevent jamming and water leakage fiberglass is used to fix the problem.

Silent operation

I am sure you may not agree to work with garbage disposal which produces extreme noise because it is considered annoying and painful. Surprisingly, the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal comes with foal insulation which basically works to prevent noise level. As a result, you will able to work more comfortably and conveniently.

Simple and easy installation

Installing this one is just another simple task because it comes with the EZ mount system plays a key role to attach the disposal with your sink very comfortably and conveniently. You just need to position the disposal properly then lock it but if you do not have any previous knowledge to install any disposal then I highly recommend hiring a professional to make the things done properly and avoid any damages.

Additional accessories

In particular, it is one of the garbage disposals which comes with a bunch of accessories to work more conveniently. The BECBAS ELEMENT 5 comes with a pre-installed power cord, splash guard, drain stopper, scrapper, and drain elbow which means you do not have to buy this accessory to work efficiently.


The BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal comes with a 3-year warranty which ensures the highest quality of the disposal. If any problem appears within the warranty, the company will repair or replace it which is a really astonishing thing.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Comes with all necessary tools for easy installation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Good looking and durable
  • Powerful motor
  • 3/4 Horsepower Motor


  • Heavy and comes with only red color

BECBAS Element 5

Sunny Juwel

Value for Money
Noise Level
Easy to Install

Review Summary

BECBAS Element 5 is an affordable 3/4 garbage disposal which costs you around $100. BECBAS is relatively new in the kitchen waste disposal market but they doing great in this area. I found this garbage disposal quiet, durable and easy to install. It comes with all the attachments you need to install it including power cords, removable splash guard, stainless steel stopper, multifunctional scraper, and elbow. The manual reset button ensures easy to restart if its stuck while in operation due to overload. On the other hand, it comes with a 3-year warranty period though company is new that is why I have not found any warranty issue yet. In my opinion, this waste disposer is affordable and worth the money you pay for.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I need anything additional to hook my dishwasher up to this unit? 

No, everything is included

Can this be hard-wired in?

BECBAS disposals have a power cord wired into them, and it is easy to plug in.

Where is this made?

It is made in China.

BECBAS Installation


Final Verdict

It is one of the garbage disposals which comes with good quality and performance. I highly prefer to buy the BECBAS ELEMENT 5 garbage disposal. The motor of the disposal is really powerful which reduces jamming. If you are looking for hassle-free garbage disposal then it will be a perfect solution for you.

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