I am very excited today because I’m going to share something incredible for you. If you are looking for a classic design steam mop, this article for you. I have been requesting a lot to write a review about the BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop. That’s is why I’m writing something about this incredible steam mop. I expect it will come to your aid.

We cannot deny the fact, cleaning is boring and laborious work. If you do not want to follow a poor method to clean your house, this Steam Mop will give you speed at your work. You will fall in love with the device because of its gorgeous and user-friendly device.

The BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop is a multi-tasking device. You can use this device to clean your floors, tile clean, and hardwood floor cleaner which is really remarkable because you are getting many things in a mop.

Moreover, the device is really effective to kill the germs and bacteria, it can eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria from the surface without using any types of harsh chemicals that really admirable. In addition, it takes just a little time to prepare the steam.

As a result, you don’t have to wait too long for steam, you are allowed to work continuously. Besides, you have nothing to worry about the scratch, it will not scratch your surfaces.

In other words, it is very popular product on the market today, because of its upscale design and multi-function. You can easily handle the BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop, no need any technical skill to operate the device because it is a user-friendly device.

Features, Pros and Cons of BISSELL PowerFresh

Most Importantly, many helpful features are included the BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop to make the device affordable. If you buy this incredible home appliance for a perfect cleaning your surface, it will bring many virtues for you. It has some effective and top features, here, I’m going to illustrate some of the elegant features of the device.

Top Features

Spot boost brush

The BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop has a spot boost brush that is really effective to remove the hard, sticky messes from the surfaces in a proper way. You can easily remove all types of tough stain from the floor.


To work comfortably this steam mop is designed, lightweight. This device is not heavy, its weight only 6.9 pounds which is really light. As a result, you can easily maneuver through the floors and under the furniture.

Easy to refill the water tank

You can easily fill the water tank. If you want to prolong your units operating life you should use distilled water. It has an onboard heater that takes only 30 seconds to prepare the steam to clean and the water tank contains 19 ounces of water, I think it is not good enough for long cleaning.


The BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop has two settings, if you want to remove tough messes you have to choose high settings and if your messes are normal you should select low settings.

25-foot power cord

You will be given a 25-foot long power cord that allows you to cover a long area inside your house.


  • It takes 30 seconds to warm up
  • Two years warranty
  • Long Cord
  • Digital steam control
  • 2 scent disk
  • It eliminates 99.9 % germ
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • No chemical


  • No automatic cord rewind
  • No water filter

Compare Other Models with Same Steam Mop

Bissell powerfresh deluxe steam mop instructions


Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I choose between the Bissell 1806 and the 1940 models?

The deciding factor for me was the design of the tank. The tank on the 1940 can be removed, but it has a cap that other reviewers have reported easily breaks. The tank on the 1806 can be refilled from the top, without removing it and while plugged in. The 1806 also comes with a cup to use for refilling the tank.

How hot does it get?

It gets as hot as the boiling point of water at your location. At sea level, 212 degrees F. In Denver, the Mile High City, only about 202 degrees F.

How many pads does the steamer come with?

It comes with a scrubber pad and a soft one
Two total


If you are looking for a steam mop under hundred dollars the BISSELL PowerFresh Delux Steam Mop will be the best steam mop choice for you because this device is a multi-tasking device. you can use this device comfortably.

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