If you are looking for a medium-size washer which will provide you an incredible performance. The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer with stainless steel tub can be an outstanding solution for you. Scroll down for the full review.

Do you often feel difficulty at the time of washing your loving clothes? It is important to wash the outfits to take care of it. If you live a little apartment or flat a medium size washer can be a good solution for you. It will play a key role to wash your clothes in a proper way.

The most interesting thing is that it is totally portable that allows you to set washer different places. You can move one place to another place comfortably.

The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer is one of the most popular washers on the market at this moment because of its remarkable performance and sleek design. It provides six types of wash such as normal, jeans, cotton, quick, air-dry, and anti-wrinkle which really incredible. As a result, you can use several types of functions of the machine.

The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer is one of the best washing machines to make your life easier. It takes a few minutes to wash your clothes properly without any physical touch.

If you are a busy person and do not want to follow the so-called method to wash your clothes. You should install the Haier HLP21N portable top load washer to make your life comfortable.

Features, Pros, and Cons of the Haier HLP21N Top Load Washer

Top Features

The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer has a bunch of attractive features that make the washer unbeatable on the market. Even though it is a little washer but it will give you superior performance. Now its time to encapsulate some of the main features of the washer. I am sure that will attract you to fall in love with the washer.

Easy to use

The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer is very easy to operate. You do not need any technical skills to operate the washer. Otherwise, you will be given a clear instruction book that will provide the information about the washer on how to operate it.


The tub of the washer is absolutely rust-free and it’s capacity 1 Cubic-Foot that can hold up to the 6-3/5 pounds which is really good enough for a small apartment. The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer has an electronic operate board where you have to choose the washing sets.


If you do not dare to buy a washing machine because of the electricity bill then you have to buy the Haier HLP21N portable top load washer because it is one of the energy-saving washers. It needs around 214 KW per year that projected you have to pay 23-dollar in a year. It is a compact design washer and weighs nearly 20 kg.

LED indicator

It has an LED indicator that will inform you of the current mode of operation which is a brilliant feature of the washer.


Even though it is a small device but it can produce up to 700 RPM at max spin, undoubtedly, it ensures the highest quality wash.

Besides, the most interesting thing is that you will be given a 1-year labor and parts warranty which is really cool.

Great customer care support

You will get outstanding customer care support from the company. If you need any help from them just simply email them or make the phone call.


  • Fit in tiny places because of its small size
  • Adaptable leveling legs
  • It will give you 3 wash cycles with water level
  • Washer attaches some setting kits
  • It is perfect for a small house
  • Energy-efficient


  • Limited load capacity
  • Does not offer a soak

Haier HLP21N Portable Washer

Sunny Juwel

Small Space
Energy efficiency
Noise level

Review Summary

Haier HLP21N is an excellent portable washing machine. I recommend it to everyone who is running out of space in their house. Additionally, it operates quietly and comes with everything you need to start. Also, you can use it with a faucet or without a faucet.
You can place it in your kitchen or bathroom or wherever you want because of its portability.
This machine is energy efficient and its washing cycle does the job effectively.


Haier HLP21N Portable Top Load Washer Video

Haier HLP21N manual

Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Haier HLP21N a portable washer?

Yes it is portable but customer service sucks mine broke within a year and could not find anyone to fix it so I had to buy a stackable washer and dryer

Is it 110 volt?

It plugs into any standard household 120-volt outlet.

Can the Haier HLP21N hook up to a bathroom faucet?

Yes, that is where it is at my house. one thing, make sure the faucet is on one piece. so it does not break the seal.

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The Haier HLP21N portable top load washer will be the best choice for a small family. This washer is for those who are looking for a medium-size capacity washer.

We recommend our customer to buy this washer because it is one of the bestselling and reliable washers on the market at this time. it will change your washing experience completely.

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