The InSinkErator Badger 5 is a simple, no-frills garbage disposal. It is constructed with galvanized steel parts (they will not rust). The 1/2 horsepower motor provides more than enough power to liquefy almost any kitchen waste. The Badger 5 is a continuous-feed type of disposal. Simply put, turn on the water in the kitchen sink. Then push your fruit peels, coffee grounds, spoiled vegetables, even small chicken bones down the disposal. The disposal grinds (liquefies) the waste and the water carries it down the drain, into the sewer.

The InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal is the bestselling 1/2 HP garbage disposal. Your old garbage disposal is about to quit. Just listening to the terrible sounds that come from under the sink, makes you nervous. Thinking back, you can not remember how long ago it was installed. Maybe you installed it when your kitchen remodeled. That was a long, long, time ago.

Looking at the old disposal, you see the name, “InSinkErator”. There is also the name, “Badger 5”. Knowing how often appliances can become obsolete these days, you hope you are able to replace your old disposal with another just like it. You do some internet research, and it is there!

You immediately check the availability at your local home improvement store. It is in stock! Even better, the disposal does not cost very much. On your way to purchase your new disposal, you call the family handyman. He says, he would be glad to install it for you, but the installation is so simple that you would save money doing it yourself. Finally, a home improvement that goes right!

InSinkErator Badger 5 Features Review, Pros, Cons, Compare

Top Features

During our review process, we found some incredible features that we should explain to our readers. Here are the features that you need to before comparing this disposer to other models.

Ease of installation

Just as it was for your kitchen remodel all those years ago, installing the new Badger 5 is a snap. The “Quick-Lock sink mount” feature allows you to twist out the old unit.

After replacing the rubber flanges that prevent water leakage from the sink, and at the bottom of the unit, you just twist the new disposal into place. Power cords and a connection kit are available, but since your old unit was installed into an existing power source, you will not need them. 

With a quick removal (and inspection) of the power cord, you then snap the power cord into the new unit. As a result, installation is fairly easy and quick.

Pricing and customer service

Prices for the this device range from $80 to $100. Most home improvement stores carry the Badger 5 in stock, for a price right at $80. If you are in need of the power cord and installation kit, add about $20 to the cost. Installation, if needed, can be done by a handyman, with a cost of $125 at most (if you need to run an electrical line from the wall switch to disposal).

InSinkErator products have a 2 year, in-home parts and service warranty. Service is avail by local, certified repair professionals.

Ecologically friendly

For many homeowners, the ecological-friendliness of a product is a must. The Badger 5 should appeal to them. It will reduce the amount of solid food waste in your home, in your local landfill, and on our planet. Because the waste is liquefied as it is ground up, it is more easily processed by a wastewater treatment facility. In some municipalities, the treatment plant is able to recycle food wastewater into renewable energy.


  • Easy to installation, especially when replacing an older InSinkErator unit
  • The Badger 5 can be hooked up to receive dishwasher wastewater
  • It can be used for either sewer or septic systems
  • Local, certified professional, in-home warranty service (for 2 years)


  • Only average quietness when in operation
  • Low price ($70 to $100)
  • Ease of installation, either by handyman or homeowner
  • Compatible with older InSinkErator products for ease of replacement
  • 1/2 horsepower motor handles all but the largest kitchen waste
  • Two year, in home parts and replacement warranty service

InSinkErator Badger 5

Sunny Juwel

Mounting system
Noise level
Easy to install
Customer Service

Review Summary

In the USA, in every house own a waste disposer in the kitchen knows about InSinkErator. Yes, this brand is trusted to Americans because of its product quality and most importantly these are made in the USA.
I believe, If you list 3 1/2 HP disposers I believe Badger 5 will be one of them. Its performance is better than any other in this range. It can grind almost any kitchen garbage(do not put bone into it) with its powerful motor. It runs quietly.
Another thing is, the device is very easy to install if you have a little experience in playing with the range and screwdriver. I suggest this disposer if you really need a durable 1/2 HP garbage disposal unit.




Download PDF Manual


Where were this appliance manufactured?

The Badger 5, and all other InSinkErator products are manufactured in Racine, Wisconsin. Their disposals are the only brand built in the U.S.A.

Do plumbing professionals recommend InSinkErator products?

Nine out of ten plumbing professionals use them for their installations.

Will I need special tools if I install the Badger 5 myself?

The product box includes all tools, flanges, and gaskets needed for installation.

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Final Verdict

All things considered, the InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal has become an almost ubiquitous product. Look under your sink and chances are the disposal is a Badger. For the most part, they seem to be a quality product. Like any mass-produced product, there are consumer complaints. With Badger 5 however, the good seems to outweigh the bad.

Taking into consideration the availability, low price, ease of installation, and environmentally light footprint, this appliance is a good, solid product. There are disposals with lower prices, or more features available. For what it does, this is a good, solid choice for your kitchen waste disposal needs.

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