Having garbage disposal definitely a good idea to keep your kitchen neat and clean all the time as well as it helps a lot to prevent offensive Odor. By the way, if you are desperately seeking the best garbage disposal for your kitchen then you have reached the right review. I am going to give you a diagnostic report of the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige 1 HP garbage disposal. Hopefully, it will meet your expectations.

The InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal is for those who are looking for a silent, continuous, jam-free garbage disposal. If you want to prevent bad smells in your kitchen then the garbage disposal can be a good solution for you to dispose of everything comfortably and conveniently to keep your kitchen unpleasant smell free.

In addition, the InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal (see today’s price) comes with silver color. Its compact design and metal body made it the most durable and user-friendly. Otherwise, it has a 1-HP motor that provides enough grinding power to dispose of wastes properly.

It is one of the powerful garbage disposals which can dispose of the toughest food chunks, if you live in an extended family and need to dispose of the huge amount of waste then it would be a great solution for you because it can be used continuously to dispose of waste.

InSinkErator Evolution Prestige 1 HP Features, Pros, Cons, Compare

Top Features

If you are looking for powerful garbage disposal which comes with some effective and helpful features to make your work simple and comfortable then choosing InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal surely a brilliant idea. I am going to highlight the top features of the disposal.

Sound shield for quiet operation

Most importantly, the InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal is silent disposal, even if at the fast speed it does not make extreme noise because it comes with sound shield technology which basically decreases sound level. It is engineered to prevent noise. If you want to work peacefully at your kitchen then I think you should choose the InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal to make things simple and comfortable.

No pain to install

The InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal is suitably fitted with existing pipe and fittings and there is no hassle to install the disposal. It is one of the garbage disposals which is very easy to install without hiring any plumber. It comes with a quick-lock mount which basically does things simple and convenient for everyone. Plus, even if you are not an expert but you can install the disposal because it also comes to a clear instruction guide where everything is demonstrated properly. However, if you do not have any previous experience to install any garbage disposal then I prefer to hire a professional to avoid any damages.

Auto-reverse grind system

I think it is one of the coolest features of the disposal because it comes with Auto-reverse grind system Technology to prevent jamming of the disposal. It provides around 60% better performance than the other garbage disposal. If it gets stuck in jam then it automatically converts to reverse system to free the impeller.

3-stages grinding

Surprisingly, the InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal comes with a 3-stages waste grinding technology which means it can grind almost any food waste attaching celery, chicken bones, potato peels and many other more. It is one of the effective disposals to dispose of different types of food waste properly within a short time.

Stainless steel grind chamber

Most importantly, It comes with 40 oz. stainless steel grind chamber where the waste is ground perfectly. Its stainless steel grind chamber is absolutely corrosion-proof to provide superior performance. If you were worried about the grinding chamber I hope your worry is over.

UL and ETL listed

Another key point, the disposal is absolutely safe and secure because it is a UL and ETL listed which are nationally recognized testing laboratories and they basically provide safety and quality certification on products. It is a safe, secure and well-built quality garbage disposal.

Powerful Motor

Additionally, the InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal has a 1-HP motor that can speed up to 1275 RPM to grinding everything in little pieces. The motor can crush the garbage in single passes. Plus, its swivel stainless steel impeller decrease jamming and it allows it to work continuously.

Continuous feed

This amazing garbage disposal can be used continuously which means if you live in a large or medium family then it will help you a lot to dispose of a massive amount of food wastes continuously in your kitchen. It is specially designed for continuous disposal of.


  • Quiet operation
  • No difficulty for installation
  • Continuous feed
  • 3-stages grinding system
  • 1-HP motor
  • Auto-reverse grinding to prevent jamming
  • UL and ETL listed


  • Power cord not included with the disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Prestige

Sunny Juwel

Noise level
Easy to Install
Mounting system

Review Summary

After analyzing everything, I found that if 3 of the 1 HP garbage disposal has chosen InSinkErator Evolution Prestige will be one of them. It comes with a powerful 1 HP motor that grinds most of the kitchen wastes easily. I fond that the garbage disposal is really quiet in operation. On the other hand, it is easy to install and durable. The UL and ETL authorization ensured the safety and built-quality of this product. Most importantly, this disposal made by a reliable company so customer support is easy to get. Finally, every unit comes with 7 years longer warranty period with parts and it is really made up my mind to recommend this product to everyone. You can go for it without any hesitation.


InSinkErator Evolution Prestige Garbage Disposal Video

InSinkErator Evolution Prestige Manual

Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige made of plastic or metal?

The InSinkErator Evolution Prestige is made of metal, stainless steel and ensures maximum durability.

Which type of waste does it grind?

The InSinkErator Evolution Prestige can grind Potato peels to chicken bones.

Does it come with a power cord?

Yes, the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige comes with a power cord.

Compare with Other Models Based on the Same Horsepower

InSinkErator Evolution Prestige vs Evolution Excel vs PRO1100XL

Final Verdict

The decision is yours to make. Weighing up the pros and cons of InSinkErator Prestige garbage disposal I think it is one of the best performing garbage disposals. Most importantly, it comes with a 7-years warranty which is really impressive. Finally, I would say if you need to dispose of waste continuously then you will not find the best alternative than this one.

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