Well, you have reached there which means you are looking for the best and high-quality garbage disposal for your kitchen. By the way, if you are planning to buy garbage disposal to process a huge amount of waste continuously then the InSinkErator evolution select plus garbage disposal will be a one-stop solution for you. It is one of the advanced and latest food disposals on the market at this time.

However, it is often said by many that finding the best garbage disposal is one of the biggest challenges these days because there are any garbage disposal are available on the market.

In that case, if you want to buy garbage disposal which comes with all of the essential and necessary components then it would be the InSinkErator evolution select plus. It comes with a powerful motor that provides enough grinding power to dispose of the waste properly.

In addition, the disposal is manufactured with durable materials to prolong the life of the disposal.

More importantly, the garbage disposal is one of the crucial home components for the homeowners because it keeps the kitchen clean and stinky smell free.

Plus, an outstanding quality garbage disposal not only processes a massive amount of food waste properly but also it prevents disease-spreading bacteria and keep the kitchen neat and clean all the time without effort. As a newer model, InSinkErator did not set the price more than their other models.

InSinkErator evolution select plus features review, pros and cons, FAQs, Manual

Top Findings

The InSinkErator Evolution plus comes with many powerful and essential features that enhance user experience. Let’s see the top features of the Evolution plus garbage disposal.

3/4 HP Dura-drive Motor

The InSinkErator evolution select plus comes with 3/4 HP Dura-drive motor which basically works to cut the noise level and extend the life of the disposal. If you are looking for the long lasting garbage disposal to use it for a long time without any trouble then surely the Evolution series select plus garbage disposal is the best. 

MultiGrind technology

The Evolution plus garbage disposal is different from other types of garbage disposal because it allows multi-grinding.

That means, it is one of the quickest garbage disposals which can dispose of any types of food waste properly. If you need to dispose of several types of food waste then surely the InSinkErator Evolution plus is a perfect choice.

SoundSeal technology

Noise is often considered annoying. If you are not familiar with the noise and looking silent and quiet garbage disposal to work efficiently and conveniently then the InSinkErator Evolution will be a fantastic choice for you. Surprisingly, InSinkErator used SoundSeal technology in this model to minimize the noise level.

Quick Lock sink

Installing the InSinkErator evolution select plus is comparatively easy. It comes with the quick lock sink system which allows installing the disposal easily and comfortably in a short time without any hassle. To install the disposal you do not have to hire any professionals, you can do that because it comes with an easy installation guide.

Antimicrobial quiet collar sink

In other words, the Evolution plus garbage disposal comes with Antimicrobial quiet collar sink baffle which can be removed easily for cleaning as well as it plays a key role to stop spreading bad smell causing viruses and bacteria. In that case, I think it is one of the effective features of the disposal to ignore the offensive smell.

6 Years Warraty

Another key feature, this disposer comes with a 6-year warranty period. Compared to the InSinkErator’s other models 6-years is a longer period. For that reason, no extra stress for the warranty claim time. If you used their products before you should know about the quality of their customer support.


  • Advanced and latest food disposal
  • SoundShield technology to cut the noise level
  • Easy installation
  • Continuous dispose of feed
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • 3/4 Horsepower Motor
  • Dispose of different types of food waste


  • We did not find any downside of the disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus

Sunny Juwel

Noise level
Easy to install
Instruction quality
Value for Money

Review Summary

The InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus is one of the best disposers at the moment. Firstly, it has and Antimicrobial Quiet Collar sinks baffle which is a new technology and it will reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria. I have not found this feature in any of their old items.
Secondly, rather than giving less warranty as, like their old models, the company set a longer warranty period for this item. 6 years to be specific.
In addition, noise level, price range, the motor capability is top-class as the company always provides.
All things considered, I recommend this kitchen disposal to everyone who needs a 3/4 horsepower unit. You can have it without any doubt. Do not forget to check the price.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is this item has a dishwasher drain connection?

Yes, it has. You can connect it to any dishwasher.

Is it worth the money?

Absolutely, this item is better than InSinkErator’s other 3/4 hp models with the less price.

Is the select plus installation friendly?

Yes, this item can be installed by anyone who has little experience working with the range and screwdriver.

What is the energy consumption?

Energy Consumption is 4 kWh per year.


Download InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus Manual


Final Verdict

The InSinkErator Evolution select plus is one of the high-performing garbage disposals which comes with all the essential and effective features and functions. If you want to keep neat and clean your kitchen all the time with less effort then surely it will be a brilliant choice for you.

Besides, it is constructed with durable materials to extend the life of the disposal. After all, the InSinkErator Evolution plus garbage disposal is a one-stop solution for the homeowners.

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