If you are looking for trash can which has a bunch of helpful features with a big waste capacity to replace your old waste container. You should install the Simplehuman 30 Liter stainless steel rectangular kitchen step trash container. It is one of the most popular products on the market at this time because of its compact design and remarkable performance.

Some people support the opinion that finding an effective waste container is a tough job. If you want to buy a trash container for your kitchen, you have to consider many things carefully.

Firstly, if your kitchen area is tiny because you have already placed many types of appliances in it but want to install a tiny trash container. Which can fit in a little space then you should install the SimpleHuman 30 Liter stainless steel rectangular trash container.

It is a space-saving device. It takes a little space to seat even if the corner. So if you have a space problem. Undoubtedly, you should give priority to SimleHuman Trash can. Secondly, at the time of buying any type of trash can you have to consider the capacity of the container because it is crucial.

Basically, it depends on how the amount of waste you produce in your kitchen. If you produce a massive amount of waste you have to find a trash container which has a big capacity but if your waste amount is little maybe a small container will help you. So consider the capacity of the container before buying it.

Moreover, if you want to buy a quality trash container from a well-known company, you must have to give priority on SimleHuman because it is one of the elegant company for its well-built quality trash container.

Features, pros, and cons of the SimpleHuman 30 Liter Trash Can

As I said above, the SimpleHuman 30 Liter stainless steel rectangular shape trash container has a huge number of effective features. I guess you will fall in love with the device because of compact design and superior quality. Here, I’m going to encapsulate some of the top features of the container.

Compare Other Models with the Same Trash Can

Strong steel pedal

The strongest part of the container is its steel pedal. It allows you 150,000 steps that means you will able 20 steps in a single day for 20 years which is totally unbelievable.

Silent close lid

Noise is painful and if you’re looking for a container which makes no noise at the time of opening and closing the lid then you have to install the simplehuman trash container. It makes no noise at the time of opening the lid. In addition, patented Shox technology is used to the waste container to manage the motion of the lid in three different ways such as slow, silent close.

Stay open lid

You will be allowed to stay open the lid for long chores. You can open the lid as long as you need which is really cool.

Enhance your trash experience

It has a more powerful code J custom fit liners that will change your so-called trashing experience. If you want to feel new trashing experience then the simlehuman will give you the facility.


The SimpleHuman 30 Liter stainless steel rectangular shape trash container is a space-saving container. If your kitchen is tiny but you want to install a trash container to tackle the wastes in an effective way. The simlehuman rectangular trash container will be best for you. It takes a little space to fit even if the corner.


  • Space-saving trash container that takes only a little space to fit
  • Powerful steel pedal
  • Silent close lid
  • Stay open lid for a long time


  • Some people claim that some parts of the trash container are made of plastic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question-1: What are the dimensions of this product?
Answer: It is 25.5 inches high from the floor. The diameter across the top is 12 inches. It takes a tall kitchen garbage bag.

Question-2: Does the lid have an option to stay open?
Answer: Yes, when you want to replace the bag, you place the lid in an up right position and it will stay there until you gently push it forward.

Question-3: Do the code G liners have draw strings? How do you close the bag once you remove it from the liner?
Answer: We use bags with drawings, we close bag once it is removed from can.


If you are looking for the best quality trash container the SimpleHuman 30 Liter stainless steel rectangular shape will be a perfect choice for you. It is one of the bestselling products on AMAZON and it received 4.4 positive reviews out of 5 which is really incredible.

Lastly, it can be said that if you want to enhance your trashing experience the SimleHuman trash container will live up to your expectation.

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