Did that old garbage disposal under your sink finally quit? Well, nothing lasts forever, and now you have the opportunity to upgrade to a quieter and more powerful unit! If you are looking for a new garbage disposal, I recommend the Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal.

This garbage disposal comes with everything you need to replace your old unit, or you can have a professional install it for you. You will love its quiet operation and ability to pummel all the tough waste you put through it. Check out all these great features:

Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 HP Features, Pros, Cons, Compare

Top Features

Powerful Motor

This garbage disposal has a powerful one horsepower motor that spins at 2,700 rpm. It will grind up just about anything you throw at it with its industry-leading might! This disposal might cost a little more than others, but its ability to handle the toughest debris will keep your sink trouble-free well into the future. When it comes to power, the Knight has the most in the business!

It is Quiet

With all of this power, you would expect this disposal to sound like a chopper landing on your roof, but that is definitely not the case with the Waste King Knight. To keep operation quiet, Waste King uses glass-filled nylon to line the grinding chamber. This is the same material that professionals use to soundproof their music studios, so it is one of the best materials available. Waste King knows that quiet operation is an important feature to most homeowners, and they really deliver with the Knight. Plenty of power and quiet operation is a winning combination.

Everything is Included

Whether you are installing new or replacing old disposal, Waste King includes everything that you or your professional needs to do the job right. You not only get the disposal, but you also get an installation guide, a snap and lock mounting system that works with all three-bolt flanges, a 1 1/2″ drain elbow and a pre-wired power cord that is ready to plug into your under-sink outlet. If you follow the included instructions, anyone with minimal mechanical abilities can replace their old disposal with the mighty Waste King Knight!

Lifetime Warranty

Guess what? This is the last garbage disposal you ever have to buy! If this garbage disposal has any mechanical, corrosion, or material defects during your lifetime, Waste King will send someone out to repair or replace it in your home at no cost to you. Sure you can buy a cheaper garbage disposal, but this level of performance and peace of mind just is not available with other garbage disposals at any price. This is truly a top-end home improvement product.


  • Tons of power to demolish any debris you throw at it
  • Ultra-quiet operation will not wake up the neighborhood
  • Safe to use with septic systems
  • Easy to install with included instructions and parts
  • Stainless steel swivel impellers will not corrode or jam
  • No wiring necessary — just plug in the included power cord
  • Warranty that lasts as long as you live


  • Price point is on the high end
  • Can not remove rubber food guard if it gets damaged or discolored
  • Large size may be a space issue under some sinks
  • It is heavy, so get some help when you install it


  • Powerful 1 hp motor spins at 2700 rpm
  • Full armor plating
  • Industrial sound insulation
  • Universal three-bolt mounting system for easy installation
  • Stainless steel grinding impellers
  • Manual and drain elbow included
  • Septic system safe
  • Power cord included
  • Lifetime Warranty

Waste King A1SPC Knight

Mr. Jackson

Mounting system
Easy to install
Noise level
Value for Money

Review Summary

A1SPC Knight is one of the best Waste King 1HP garbage disposals. Firstly, It has a powerful 1 HP motor that grinds the kitchen waste without any problem and the silencer technology ensures quiet operation. Secondly, this disposal is installation-friendly and it has the common 3-boult mounting system. You will not have to worry about the septic system because it is a septic system safe disposal also it comes with a power cord so no extra spend for the power cord. Lastly and most importantly, this disposal offers a lifetime warranty that means less tension while using a long time. I recommend this disposal to everyone and do not forget to check the comparison below.


Waste King Knight A1SPC Installation

Waste King Knight A1SPC

Download PDF Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a port for the dishwasher on the side of this garbage disposal?

Yes, the side port for the dishwasher is on this garbage disposal.

Can this disposal be mounted to the existing 3-screw mount I have from my old garbage disposal?

Yes, this disposal fits all 3-bolt mount systems.

Will this garbage disposal work with a septic system?

Yes, the Waste King is septic safe, just use any solutions like you normally would.

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Final Verdict

Whether you are shopping for a garbage disposal for your new home or you are replacing one in an existing home, the Waste King Knight (model A1SPC) is a disposal you should definitely consider. It is got a powerful electric motor that can pummel any food waste you can imagine, it operates quietly inside of its sound insulated and armor-plated housing, and it includes everything you need to install it professionally. When you add a lifetime warranty to this list of premium features, you end up with a great value. Waste King has been in the garbage disposal business for a long time, and they definitely produced a winner with the Knight.

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