Waste King L 8000 1HP Continuous Feed Review

In today’s modern world, doing the dishes has never been easier. If you have a garbage disposal, you are living better than most people around the world who have to toss food scraps and material in the trash before washing the dishes. Although this modern convenience is in most of our homes, I bet that many of you have never really thought about it, unless, of course, it broke down on you. If you have an old disposal or want to upgrade your current unit, what do you do? Fortunately, removing and installing a garbage disposal is easy, so you can even do it yourself. Today I’ll be looking at one of the best disposals out there, the Waste King L 8000. If you want the best, Waste King is one of your best options.

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Waste King L 8000 Kitchen Waste Disposal Review

Waste King L 8000 Pros

●     Powerful motor processes food more quickly and efficiently

●     High RPM grinds foods faster

●     Stainless steel impellers are ultra durable

●     Impellers are insulated to reduce noise

●     E-Z mounting system makes installation a snap

●     Grinding chamber will not rust or corrode over time

●     Lifetime warranty ensures quality of materials

●     Splash guard included

Waste King L 8000 Cons

●     In rare cases, the unit may be defective upon arrival

●     May not be as quiet as intended

●     In some instances the inside ring may crack, causing leaks

●     Some parts may not be covered by warranty

Waste King L 8000 Features

●     Powerful one horsepower motor

●     Operates at 2800 rpm

●     Stainless steel impellers

●     Splash guard included

●     Impellers are insulated for noise reduction

●     Grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon

●     Will not corrode or rust

●     E-Z installation system

●     Comes with lifetime warranty against defects

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does the lifetime warranty cover wear and tear? If not, what is covered?

The warranty will cover most parts and labor that are defective. If something breaks that’s not supposed to, then it should be covered by the warranty. If the blades become dull over the years, then that would just be considered normal wear and tear and will not be covered.

Does the motor vibrate a lot? Will it loosen the bolts over time?

In some cases, the motor may loosen the mounting bracket and connecting bolts. I would suggest checking them every so often to see if they need to be re-tightened. Otherwise, the motor is not much louder than other disposals.

Can I hardware this system, or do I have to plug it into the wall?

According to the manufacturer, you can remove the power cord and hardware this disposal. The best part is that doing this will not void the warranty.

How Do Garbage Disposals Work?

Waste King L-8000 review
Waste King L-8000

Even though these machines are in most households, many people have no idea how they work. Fortunately, the system is very simple, meaning that it requires little to no maintenance and isn’t hard to operate. The basic mechanics of a garbage disposal are that a motor spins an impeller, which grinds up food particles and materials to send it into your drain pipe. You have to run water while the motor is working, to help keep everything lubricated and help the impellers work more efficiently.

Other than the impeller, the motor, and the drainage pipe, there is not much else involved in a garbage disposal. The only downside to this machine is that if something does break, like the motor, you usually have to replace the whole unit, since it will actually be cheaper that way.

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two main types of disposals you can have:

● Continuous Feed: this is the most popular model, and chances are it’s what you have in your sink right now. These disposals can process food continuously without stopping. However, they can be a safety hazard if hard materials (like silverware) drop into the unit while it’s running.

● Batch Feed: if you only process a little food at a time, a batch feed unit may be for you. To operate this model, you have to fill the disposal, close the lid, and then turn it on. This model is a bit safer, but not recommended for large amounts of food waste.

Installing a New Disposal

As I mentioned, installing a new disposal is much easier than you would think. If you want to try and install a new unit yourself, you can find many tutorials that can guide you. The basic process is this:

● Turn off power

● Disconnect pipe from disposal unit

● If your machine is screw mounted, you can remove any attached screws and then twist the whole unit off.

● If your disposal is not screw mounted, just remove any holding screws and pull it out from the sink.

● Put the new unit in its place and mount, either by a screw system or mounting screws

● Re-attach pipe to the new unit

● Plug in the new unit

● Turn power back on

This is a much more simplified step-by-step process, but it should give you a sense of how relatively easy it is to install a new disposal yourself.

Final Verdict

For a long time, we had an InSinkErator in my house. However, after faithfully serving us for years, it crapped out, and I had to get a replacement. Since I got the Waste King L-8000, I have to say that it performs much better than my Insinkerator. The powerful motor and high rpm are a little overwhelming at first, and you think maybe it’s a bit too much. However, over time, you get used to it, and you start tossing food into the sink that you may not otherwise throw in. Whether it’s lemon peels or chunks of meat, the Waste King handles it all with ease. As far as longevity, I haven’t had it as long as the InSinkErator, but I feel confident with the lifetime warranty just in case something happens. The only downside is the heavy vibration, which can loosen the bolts connecting it to the sink. I haven’t had to re-tighten anything yet, but I still check every so often just in case.

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